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The Baby of Damocles

Again the deuteragonist? Doubly demoted in the narrative?

Dunno, but this is starting to feel like that situation last year about this time where the medical system enveloping he patient was unable to correctly handle the patients condition: diagnostically, clinically, and treatment.

At any rate, I'm starting to feel like this situation is much less dependent upon my self advocacy. I'm now a cog in the hospital machinery, one called patient. From here on out the integrity of the system is what will drive this process. It's weakness will show in my care and outcome. And the hospital a microcosm of new Orleans, and Louisianas healthcare system a product of our poverty, and so forth ad absurdum.

I'm much less optimistic about a good outcome, I see a few docs who don't know what to do with this rare case, and if they care is less certain. It's the middle of vacation time, so the machinery isn't functioning at %100, same thing as last year.

In the Victorian novel, when the woman dies in childbirth, it signals that life is cruel, and the child will face the cruel world without the proper nurture provided by the mother. Of course that brings to a fitting conclusion the role of the deuteragonist, as a set piece in the narrative, whose role is subservient to teleological needs of the protagonist.
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