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Old Years' Reservations.

So, there are many unresolved questions of last year... What did my dad die from? So, after the autopsy of the brain by 3 teams of pathologists the closest we come is Limbic System Encephalitis. It looks like it was not a prion disease from what they tell me, the pathological changes one looks for viz spongiform tissue, were not present. Weird sort of thing because, it had ALL the hallmarks of CJD-prion-type disease. It was not a bad call on the doctors part. However, why didn't encephalitis show up anywhere. The CSF was clear, but had elevated protein between the month of June and July (yes 2 lumbar punctures), the first one checked only for cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma), the second checked for cancer and other neurological stuff, as well as 14-3-3 and tau protein BOTH of which came up positive, yielding an 85% probability of CJD. Didn't find any cancer.

The remaining diagnoses are paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis... Show me the cancer. Viral Limbic System Encephalitis lacking evidence of infection...? The pathologist at the University of Maryland says it would be less likely, but possible. So, I'm trying to get the records of what was tested for in the spinal fluid... Anti-Hu? anti-what?

I was in this same place last year when my dog died of unknown causes... My parents were keeping him, and they were visiting the fishing camp. My dad's favorite retirement spot. So, when the dog-topsy came back "Severe multifocal chronic suppurative meningoencephalitis"...:

"Spinal cord: ...Multifocally, there are random aggregates of neutrophils, few gitter cells, and histiocytes scattered throughout the grey and white matter. Multifocally, meninges are infiltrated with mild to moderate nukbers of neutrophils admixed with few lymphoplasmacytic cells.

Brainstem: There are multifocal coalescing areas with severe neutrophilic infiltration."

...More than four types of bacteria... Staphylococcus and Enterobacter....
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