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equinox, nature, and seasons of love...

What is all that men have done and thought over thousands of years, compared with one moment of love. But in all Nature, too, it is what is nearest to perfection, what is most divinely beautiful! There all stairs lead from the threshold of life. From there we come, to there we go.
~ Friedrich Hölderlin ~

A savage, brutish and short life would it be if not for the gift of friends and family. Restaurant life is a totally Darwinian endeavor, and altruism though it may be a useful adaptation for some, is not reciprocal, and perhaps, if I'm reading Ayn Rand correctly, any action I'm doing for the good of another, is perhaps, harm done to myself.

To come home, to see my husband, to relax on the couch, to enjoy an audiobook, and to know that even with the strife that comes with marriage, there exists no brutish force which would erode my soul, is delight.

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